Remedy Hypnotherapy in Sacramento and the San Franciso Bay Area | Services
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Our quality services that will help you move forward.

  • Hypnotherapy

    We offer clinical, medical and advanced hypnotherapy.

  • Motivational Tracks

    An individualized track that encourages positive beliefs and behaviors, while releasing the unwanted in your life.

  • Packages

    Keep your commitment to your results through our bundled packages!

  • Group Hypnotherapy

    Group hypnotherapy provides different topics on a weekly basis so that you can address any of areas of concerns and reach all of your goals!

  • Life Coaching

    Non-judging and tailored to your needs- our ongoing coaching will ensure that you move forward and that success will be your only option.

  • Books

    Our book “Alice Doesn’t Live in a Mirror”- follows Alice, who journeys the tumultuous path to womanhood, while travelling through Wonderland.


    Every week lectures, classes, and workshops will build towards the results that you demand!


    We are developing the most inspirational seminars that money can buy.


    Sign up for our events on our calendar!