Resilient Hypnotherapy Package
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Resilient Hypnotherapy Package


2x Hypnotherapy Session
+ 2x Motivational Loop Session
+ 2x Individual Personalized Motivational Session

Hypnotherapy Session- a gentle and effective audio session in which causes positive behavioral and emotional change. It purges away all negative behaviors while powerfully enhancing your strengths to ensure that you obtain the results that you want. Safe, effective, long-lasting, without negative side effects. Approximately 30 minutes.

Motivational Loop Session- a powerful personalized looping session that washes away your negative thoughts and negative feelings. The repeating positive, encouraging, and affirming messages will comfortably override sabotaging habits while making way for your positive progress. Safe, effective, long-lasting, without negative side effects. Approximately 2 hours.

Individual Personalized Motivational Session- an individualized session which helps motivate you, while keeping you positively focused. This session will empower you to live with passion and awareness, helping you overcome those obstacles and reach your end goals. Approximately 15 minutes.

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